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Our off-the-shelf shopper insight reports deliver affordable insight into shopper motivation and behaviour at an affordable price.
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Our Approach

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We could use this section to tell you about what we do and how we do it, but what’s the point you’ve probably heard it all before… Instead, we thought we’d use this section to tell you how your business can benefit from our approach.


  • We don’t rely on knowledge from past client projects, we conduct our own continuous research
  • We unearth actionable insights that… shape shopper driven strategies, drive sales and shopper engagement


  • We strive for shoppers to be fully engaged during projects, rather than being intercepted by random questioning.
  • We allow continuous communication to develop towards the final strategic output
  • We continually talk to grocery shoppers in our Research Forum, we actively listen to them over long periods of time
  • We hold weekly conference calls throughout the life-cycle of the project so you always know what stage the project is at


  • We fully understand grocery shoppers which means we also understand what our clients want from us
  • We won’t give you a presentation full of graphs because we know they are boring… Our slide decks are engaging and easy to digest, you won’t have to spend hours reading the full document
  • We give you insights as they unfold, they are yours we don’t hold on to them until the final download
  • When we present the findings we don’t see it as the end of the project… You have access to our analyst team for 12 months for any additional (unlimited) data cuts



We utilise a range of innovative and traditional research tools to put the shopper at the heart of your business

Accompanied Shops
Accompanied Shops
Bulletin Board Focus Group
Bulletin Board Focus Groups
Face to Face Interviews
Face to Face Interviews
Focus Groups
Focus Groups
In-Depth Interviews
In-Depth Interviews
In-Store Filming
In-Store Filming
Intercept Interviews
Intercept Interviews
Mobile Phone Surveys
Mobile Phone Surveys
Mystery Shopping
Mystery Shopping
Omnibus Surveys
Omnibus Surveys
Online Fixture Testing
Online Fixture Testing
Online Surveys
Online Surveys
Online Taxonomy Searches
Online Taxonomy Searches
Remote Eye Tracking
Remote Eye Tracking
Vox Pops
Vox Pops



Our bespoke research consulting services cover all aspects of shopper motivation and behaviour

Our Bespoke Research service is aimed at retailers, brand manufacturers and agencies that have specific shopper research requirements. We have wide ranging experience and expertise across all major primary research methodologies, and undertake shopper research projects for clients of all different sizes and complexity. Our services range from co-ordinating one-off primary research projects all the way through to full service shopper research – incorporating full scoping, design, recruitment and project management, plus of course full documentation and presentation of key insights and recommendations.

As publishers of research, we are able to draw upon a wealth of existing proprietary data for shopper research consulting projects – helping to better inform and deliver your primary research requirements.

Why not contact us to discuss your shopper research requirements or send us your brief. We aim to respond with a full research proposal and quote within 2 working days.

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Upcoming reports


In defining a lunchbox we look at any item(s) taken from the home to be consumed outside the home during work.

In this report we give in depth knowledge to the type of people that are bringing a packed lunch into work, and why they are choosing a packed lunch. We will also focus on the specific items that are taken from home in the packed lunch, and the specific items that would be taken into work in the ideal lunchbox to compare any differences between the regular and ideal lunchbox.


In our Health & Product Information 2016 report we will explore shoppers’ attitudes to health and healthy eating, nutrition labels and how healthy shoppers are in their own opinion. We will also provide an overview of the drivers associated with buying healthy products, and present possible gender differences examining how shoppers decide whether a product is healthy.

This report will also provide comparison with the results of our Health report from 2015 and beyond, highlighting changes in shoppers’ perceptions, attitudes and behaviour in relation to health, nutrition & lifestyle choices.

Evolution Blog


The latest Food and Grocery Shopper opinion

The Rise of the Midi-main

May, 2016

The traditional main shop, as you know, is usually carried out once a week (typically on the same day each week) and includes (pretty much) all the items that a shopper thinks they will need for the following week. This has been the standard way of conducting a shop for many in the past, particularly for those with families. But in our most recent in-depth look into shopper missions we have seen marked rise in what we are calling the Midi-main.

The midi-main has the same characteristics of the (full) main shop – comprised of items to make all meals in a certain period, plus anything that needs replenishing. The difference is that instead of the period in-between shops being a week or so, they are carried out every 3-4 days.

The midi-main is particularly prevalent amongst younger shoppers who are not planning their shops a week in advance. Our recent research found that on average, younger shoppers (those under 35) carry out their main shop every 4 days (midi-main), whereas older shoppers (55+) carry one out on average every 7 days (full main). A typical pattern of the midi-main is for one to be carried out at the start of the week, to last for the weekdays, and then another for items for the weekend.

Traditionally, main shops were carried out at Large Supermarkets, but for those carrying out midi-mains, channels such as Convenience/Discounter are becoming increasingly preferred. These fast growing channels carry enough of the shoppers’ repertoire to make the midi-main both an efficient and effective modality.

Understanding the developments in shopper missions helps one understand how shoppers will purchase categories in the future. For more information on our views on shoppers missions, please contact Laura Sanderson (

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